15/10/13 by Thomas Reece

Top 5 Causes of Water and Pipe Leaks

As a first post on the blog, we would like to draw attention to the common causes of blocked pipes and water leaks. Undetected leaks can cause major problems later down the line resulting in expensive repairs or emergency call out fees. We have illustrated in the graphic below the top 5 causes of water leaks and hope that this will help you to prevent damage to your water system. Of course, if you do experience any fault or leak, be sure to call an expert plumbers to assist you. 

Blocked pipes or drains are one of the most common causes of water leaks within the home. Backed up toilets, drains or sinks over time can corrode your pipes and cause them to split meaning water will seep into you walls, under the floor or through the ceilings in your home and can cause damage to plaster work, timber, walls and flooring. Its important to deal with any blockage as soon as you discover it to avoid running into more serious problems.

Water heater are also another major cause of leaks due to sediment building up over time. As the sediment collects within the wastage system, it can cause a blockage and water backing up may over time spill out of the connecting pipes. Its important to get your geyser and heating system serviced on a regular basis and regular cleaning of the system will avoid leaks further down the line.

Finally, its important to keep regular check on your external pipes. Leaks from your water main will not only cause damage but will also increase your water bills. Keep a close eye on your water meter and if you notice any sort or sharp increase, its likely that you have a leak and you should seek professional leak detection to rectify the problem. If you are unfortunate enough to be experiencing any of the above, don’t panic – help is at hand and you can call us 24 hours a day on 010 500 1968 and we will promptly deal with the issue for you.

By Thomas Reece, Master Plumber

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